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Elfanar Electric in words
Elfanar Electric is leader company in electricity world, unique in installation field, creative in design field, & the fastest to complete any commissioning with high perfection.
Elfanar Electric supplying internal installation parts, supports, chassis, adaptations, & all accessories of panels according to customer needs.
Elfanar Electric has a professional team in installation & retrofitting field.

This team can complete many works in short time with perfection & high quality.
Elfanar Electric has a professional team in field of termination of Elbow cables, this team is certificated by Elsewedy company.
Our team can install many Elbow ends in record time with perfect quality.
Elfanar Electric team in some sites & with some our customers
Our Certificates
Elfanar Electric has a lot of certificates, such as:

Success partners
Elfanar Electric is certified contractor & supplier for global companies, such as:
Previous works
Elfanar Electric Company completed many successful operations in many factories & places, such as:

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