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Abbasyia & Roud El-Farag water stations modifications projct
■ Delivery date:
Monday, 13-11-2017

■ Introduction:

Because we were very careful to prevent water outage any moment during our work, we have prepared a professional technical study & high accuracy designs.
So, we have manufactured the copper & supports before remove the old circuits.
It is worth mentioning that we achieved high level of safety in site with assist of safety manager from Schneider.
All this led to save time & execute our task on the fullest.
Thus, we succeeded to satisfy the customer.

■ Details of completed works:

1) Provide the drawings & technical study to conduct the requried modifications.
2) Manufacturing & supply the connection copper.
3) Removal of old soft starter circuits.
4) Installation of new soft starter circuits (150HP, 200HP, 350HP, 400HP).

■ The following video showing how was the workflow.

Report of Abbasyia & Roud El-Farag water stations project
For download PDF file click here