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Mostorod-WTP expansion project
■ Delivery date:
Wednesday, 24-02-2016

■ Introduction:

Due to we were keen to don't stop the water any moment during our work, we have prepared a professional technical study to arrange the work steps to achieve the customer's desires & prevent any suffering to the Egyptian people.

Click here to read the technical study

■ All thanks for Allah that helped us until we succeeded already in our mission, & you can listen for noise of motors while watching the below videos, because they did not stop any second during remove & install the panels.

■ Details of completed works:

We finished all required works in Mostorod-WTP site, as follows:
1) Removal of the old panels & Bus-way.
2) Installation of new MV-SWGR panel (20 cells).
3) Installation of new MV Bus-way 11k (At the first time in Egypt).

■ The following photos & videos showing how was the workflow.

Remove the old panels
Installation of the new panels
Installation of the new MV Bus-way(11k) >> At the first time in Egypt
How to lift & transfer the old panels from the room to stores
How to eject old cell between 2 cells
How to lift & entry the new panels
How to prepare the insulation material for Bus-way(11k)
How to pour the insulation material inside Bus-way(11k)